Five organisational principles of the

United People’s Democratic Front (UPDF)

  1. To work for a genuine democratic, progressive and exploitation-free society in the country; to link the FULL AUTONOMY movement of the Chittagong Hill Tracts with the larger struggle of the people of the country for a radical change of the society;
  2. To strengthen the unity and solidarity with the genuine patriotic and progressive forces of the country and to adopt a policy of unified struggle and mutual cooperation with them;
  3. To unite all the oppressed nations and peoples of Chittagong Hill Tracts irrespective of Pahari and Bangali communities against ultra-nationalist hegemonic and ethnic cleansing policies of the ruling elite; to create public opinion in the country in favour of FULL AUTONOMY of the CHT people;
  4. To vigorously oppose the use of the settlers, who have been brought in the CHT under state-sponsored programmes, as a tool of suppressing the just movement of the ethnic nationalities; on the other hand, to support their right to basic minimum needs during their stay in the CHT and until their honourable settlement with means of livelihood in plain land;
  5. To support the just struggles of the other ethnic minorities outside the CHT and unite with them on the basis of a policy of mutual cooperation.

[Adopted unanimously at the first national congress of the Party held in Dhaka from 26 – 28 November 2006]