Major Activities in 2001

1 October 2001

Taking part in parliamentary elections

The party took part in the 1 October 2001 parliamentary elections. It contested from two constituencies – Khagrachari and Rangamati and despite all odds, secured a large number of votes in both the constituencies. Considering the conditions under which the Party had to conduct its campaigns, the results were quite satisfactory and encouraging.

The JSS, which called for “boycott and resistance”, was hell bent on defeating the UPDF candidate. Its armed members killed five members and supporters of the party, who were canvassing for their candidate, prevented the party members from campaigning and ordered the voters not to vote for UPDF nominated candidate.

But despite its boycott policy, the JSS openly supported the BNP-nominated candidate Mani Swapan Dewan in Rangamati constituency. Due to security reasons, the UPDF candidate could not move freely and addressed only one rally in Khagrachari, in which 25 thousand jubilant and enthusiastic people – both Jummas and Bengalis – took part.