Major Activities in 2003

1 August 2003

Press Conference at Kutukchari, Rangamati

The Rangamati Unit of the UPDF called a press conference at its office at Kudukchari to highlight the JSS atrocities in the district. The press conference was about to kick off when the army entered the office and forced all those present there to disperse. UPDF leaders later tried to hold the press conference under the open sky, but the army would not let it happen. They followed them there and foiled the press conference. Even the journalists who came from Rangamati town to cover the event were manhandled.

8 September 2003

Mass protest rally at Mahalchari

UPDF held a mass rally at Mahalchari in protest against the August 26 attack on 10 Jumma villages in Mahalchari of Khagrachari district. An estimated 10 thousand people took part in the rally, which was held at TholiParaPrimary School ground. The military made a futile attempt to disrupt the rally by blocking the jeeps carrying participants at Lemuchari. But when they saw waves of people rolling towards the meeting venue, they were compelled to let them go.

The following demands were made at the rally:

1. The victims must be compensated and rehabilitated.

2. A judicial committee must be constituted to probe the incident and the culprits be punished.

3. The Buddhist temples which came under attack must be repaired.

4. The government must guarantee security of life and property of the Jumma people.