Major Activities in 2009

14 October 2009

Road blockade to protest Rui Khoi Marma murder

The UPDF enforced road blocks in Khagrachari district to protest the killing of its central committee member, Rui Khoi Marma, in Laxmichari. The programme, which was the first of its kind by UPDF, was a huge success. All kinds of vehicles stayed off the road and there were no untoward incidents between the police and the pickets.

Rui Khoi Marma was shot dead on 2 October by members of the military-backed Chittagong Hill Tracts National Front (CHTNF), which later came to be known as Borkha Party.

26 December 2009

UPDF observes its 11th founding anniversary

“The path to liberation is self reliance and the only weapon in establishing rights is party organization”. This was the theme of the 11th founding anniversary of the Party, which has been campaigning for full autonomy for CHT. The events included hoisting party flag, rendering revolutionary and popular songs, discussions, view exchange meetings and tea party, cycle rally, granting financial assistance to the families of the martyred party members, releasing fire balloons, campfire and drawing competition for children. The day was observed in all the three districts of the CHT.