Major Activities in 2011

12 July 2011

UPDF forms longest ever human chain to protest 15th constitution amendment

About 100,000 people took part in the longest ever human chain formed in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. UPDF called this programme to protest the imposition of Bengali nationalism on ethnic minorities of the country through the 15th amendment to the constitution. The human chain started from Dhudhukchara, a village neighbouring on Indian border, and continued along Panchari – Khagrachari road and through Maischari, Mahalchari, Ghilachari, and Kudukchari on Khagrachari – Rangamati road, before ending at Manikchari. Another line of the human chain stretched from Champatoli in Kaokhali to Boroichari in Kaptai Upazila. Other human chains in other different parts of the CHT also drew thousands of man and women.

But there were attempts to disrupt the programme. The Santu Larma-backed Borkha Party terrorists shot and wounded 3 people when they opened fire on the participants in Laxmichari, and in Ghagra, his men exploded crude bombs to scare the prospective participants away. But this had little impact on the participation of the people in the programme.

To press home its demand the UPDF also enforced a blockade of roads and waterways in the three districts of the CHT on 20 and 21 July.

11 November 2011

Mass demonstrations held demanding cessation of fratricidal conflict

Mass demonstrations, held in 50 spots across the Chittagong Hill Tracts under the auspices of the Council of Elected Jumma Representatives’, demanded a cessation of fratricidal conflict among the Jummas. The speakers called upon Santu Larma to shun the policy of confrontation and unite with the UPDF to begin a popular movement.

An estimated 50 thousand people participated in the demonstrations, where they chanted slogans “Santu Larma: give up Dalali, stop fratricidal conflict”, “Santu Larma: give up Dalali, participate in national unity”, “We want UPDF – JSS unity”.

18 November 2011

Mass prayer for intra-Jumma unity

Mass prayers were held in Buddhist viharas, Hindu temples and Christian churches across the Chittagong Hill Tracts to demand a cessation of the ongoing fratricidal conflict. Thousands of men and women took part in the prayers, including elected local public representatives, Headmen, Karbaris and supporters of both UPDF and JSS.

The speakers called for a cessation of hostilities between the two parties and said, “Since UPDF has already pledged to support the movement for full implementation of the CHT accord, the ball is now on the JSS’ court.”

“If JSS stops fratricidal conflict and identifies itself with the people’s aspirations, peace will return to the CHT”, they added.

30 November 2011

Families and relatives of martyred UPDF members stage human chain

The families and relatives of martyred UPDF members and supporters formed human chains in Rangamati and Khagrachari, demanding justice from the government and calling upon Santu Larma to stop fratricidal conflict.

Mrs Minti Chakma, widow of deceased Animesh Chakma, a central committee member of the UPDF, read a statement in the human chain formed at Swanirbhor Bazar in Khagrachari, while in Rangamati, martyred UPDF activist Biro Chakma’s widow, Lumbini Chakma, addressed the gathering.

26 December 2011

UPDF observes 13th founding anniversary

The United People’s Democratic Front (UPDF) brought out a children rally on the occasion of its 13th founding anniversary. Other events on the day included hoisting of party flags at UPDF offices in the three districts, placing floral wreaths at makeshift monuments, discussion, tea party and view exchange meeting with distinguished people.