Press Release: On killing of ex-UP Chairman in Kudukchari, Rangamati


 21 March 2005

Convenor of the United Peoples Democratic Front (UPDF) Mr. Prasit Khisha in a statement issued to the press on 21 March condemned the killing of Biro Chakma, ex- Union Parishad chairman on 20 March by armed terrorists of the Jana Samhati Samiti.

Mr. Khisha termed the attack that also left UPDF activist Rabi Chakma and two other innocent villagers Lallua and Kalabua Chakma seriously wounded, as cowardice.

The UPDF leader further said “the JSS was being used as pawn of the ruling alliance government to implement its blueprint of ‘destroying Jummas by using Jummas’. As the JSS has been suffering from political bankruptcy, it has no political programmes whatsoever. The Santu Larma renegade clique has resorted to such anti-people activities because it wants to make sure that the perks and privileges provided by the government are not lost.”

He termed Santu clique of the JSS as “the Rajakars of CHT” and called upon the government to refrain from providing support to the armed members of the JSS.

Mr. Khisha also demanded of the government to immediately take legal steps against the armed terrorists responsible for the killing of Biro Chakma.

[Press Section, Publicity and Publication Department, United Peoples Democratic Front (UPDF). Issued on 21 March 2005]