Press release: We condemn terrorist attack on Prof. Anu Muhammad


Press Release: May 27, 2004

We condemn terrorist attack on Prof. Anu Muhammad

Convenor of the United Peoples Democratic Front (UPDF) Prasit Bikash Khisha in a statement today, 27 May condemned terrorist attack on Anu Muhammad, professor of Economics Department, JahangirnagarUniversity. He is also a renowned writer and editor of Meghbarta, a web magazine.

In the statement Mr. Khisha further said the attack, which has taken place just on the heels of the attack on writer Humayun Azad, is part of a conspiracy to muzzle the voice of conscientious and progressive writers of the country. All this point to the fact that the fundamentalist forces has taken out their tentacles to undermine at any cost the idea of free thinking and freedom of thought.

The UPDF leader called upon all democratic and progressive forces to resist the reactionary fundamentalist elements, who represent all that is medieval.

[Press Section, Publicity and Publication Department, United Peoples Democratic Front (UPDF). Issued May 27, 2004]